• Scheduler
  • Support Proxy
  • Mail Search Engine
  • Homepage cloner
  • CSV Exporter
  • DNS Shopper
  • Attack Pre-Checker
  • Certificate Import
  • Spam Tester
  • Test Email
  • Performance Monitor
  • Reporting Engine


Boost productivity and facilitate campaign work like never before. Repetitive work and campaign-related jobs that can be automated comprise this layer of the O'Phish server. They support the campaign manager throughout the entire process from setting up to finishing a campaign:

After setting up the O'Phish server you can simply check if everything is working using the Test Email feature. This allows you to check if the environment is configured properly and if 'regular' emails can be sent. The Performance Calculator feature shows you the possible limits of the hardware for running your campaign. You thus have the ability to add hardware resources to the server prior to the campaign's execution.

A regular Core I7 8th Generation PC can bear a campaign with approximately 6,900 recipients per hour. More details can be found on the O'Phish performance example page.

Should the System Administrator have trouble with an installation or campaign, he or she has the ability to open a Support Proxy and invite a O'Phish support person to a remote session. This action is always a single event and an 'inside out' call from the O'Phish installation; it cannot be triggered from the outside.

The Address Book Manager facilitates the handling of recipients and recipient lists. It allows users, for example, to manage duplicate address records or to split/merge recipient lists.

When setting up a campaign homepage (e.g. a fake company webpage for a 'Win an iPad' contest), two helpful tools empower you. First, the Homepage Cloner feature enables you to copy complete webpages and store them in a given location. Second, the DNS Shopper tool allows you to purchase separate DNS-names for the previously mentioned website. The tool has a credit limit for the purchase of DNS entries, which can be recharged after expenditure of the full credit amount.

Before launching a campaign, several preliminary tests and checks are undertaken to allow for possible improvements before the real simulation or campaign is launched. The Spam Tester feature checks if a campaign, which is in preparation, would be filtered out by a spam filter because of an already existing filter rule. The Attack Pre-Checker utility checks the campaign settings in order to ensure that a maximum number of emails are delivered to the recipients. As a major goal of awareness campaigns is for all recipients to be reached, it is highly recommended that all issues are fixed prior to 'firing' a real campaign. If you want to learn more about campaign checks, go to the O'Phish campaign checks example page.

Many people mistakenly rely on short URLs. The URL-Shortener tries to take advantage of this false confidence; it can be used in all kinds of scenarios, not only for SMiShing campaigns. The Reporting Engine is an internal component that allows you to build future reports; it is not really accessible for clients. The CSV-Exporter allows you to export all kinds of campaign data to a file and move it to another O'Phish server, if needed.

The Email Spider scans a given website for email addresses and provides the data in a separate address group so that you can simulate spear phishing campaigns directed at people who are particularly exposed within your company. The Spear Phishing Profiler supports this type of campaign with highly adapted and individualized messages.

And, of course, you can integrate SSL Certificates into landing pages to make them look safe!

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