• Realtime Dashboard
  • Business Reporting incl. Campaign Comparison & Trends
  • Advanced Reports
  • Basic Reporting


On the information side, users have several possibilities to explore and consider: When a campaign is run and the activities are monitored, the dashboard best fits the needs of the campaign administrator. The dashboard displays the most important statistical campaign information including sent emails, open rates, number of infections, time statistics and other statistical user data.

When it comes to reporting, the basic reporting module fits the needs of most customers. Basic reporting describes the given campaign and its results, and reports the findings (e.g. browser vulnerabilities or possible loopholes) to the client. Advanced reporting provides additional information such as learning statistics and detailed descriptions of the campaigns executed.

Most bigger clients need more detailed and sophisticated reporting. Additional campaign information must be provided to several stakeholder groups such as risk managers, GRC or CISO officers, and to their bosses. Advanced reporting elements like management summaries, campaign trends or even campaign comparisons should be provided in a company branded layout or in a format that can be reused in other documents.

Organizations with these kinds of requirements should choose the Business Reporting module containing the comparisons and the trending engine.

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